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Championship Cock Fighters

Description of Championship Cock Fighters game:
Get your friend and duel your cocks.

See controls in the game.

Sea Jewel

Description of Sea Jewel game:
Match 3 and then build on the groups up to buy more time – the bigger the group the more points you get.

Use Mouse to interact.

Mission to Mars

Description of Mission to Mars game:
Move around the levels grabbing keys and teleporting from one place to another. Puzzle oriented.

Use Arrow Keys to interact.

Courier Combat

Description of Courier Combat game:
This may be in Japanese, but it’s worth it nonetheless. Super fun side-scrolling robot-shooting space action.

Use A to punch and D to kick.

Bubble Elements

Description of Bubble Elements game:
Another shoot the bubbles game, but this time around there’s a lot of power ups and new game elements.

Use Mouse to Interact.

Pinch Hitter

Description of Pinch Hitter game:
Homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game!

Use Mouse to interact.

Eco Battler 2

Description of Eco Battler 2 game:
Continue the fight against all opposing forces in Eco Battler 2. More enemies, more weapons, more levels.

P key: pause.
Arrow keys: move.
Space bar: Shoot(hold down for continuous fire).
Z key: Release bomb(tap z again to detonate.

Home Run Game

Description of Home Run Game game:
Try to hit the turtle as far as possible.

Use Spacebar to interact.

Double Digits

Description of Double Digits game:
Improve your math skills by adding or subtracting the given numbers.

Use you mouse to select your answer.

Fashionista Dress Up

Description of Fashionista Dress Up game:
Fashionista dress up has a wardrobe full of fun outfits for this fashionable girl. Go shopping with large stylish bags and hit the town in cute fashion dresses. Dressing up is fun in different casual outfits.

Use Mouse to interact.